Next ‘Destiny 2’ expansion, ‘Warmind,’ due to come out on May 8th

Next ‘Destiny 2’ expansion, ‘Warmind,’ due to come out on May 8th

The first Destiny 2 expansion was released last year and was met with mixed reviews, many of which called it an empty shell. Over the last few months, Bungie has been hard at work to improve the game's systems to offer a better experience and quality of life for gamers. The game's second DLC, Warmind, is slated to arrive on May 8th. Bungie, the game's developer, will be doing a Twitch stream on April 24th where they will provide more details.

The expansion is ‘free' to those that paid for the Expansion Pass previously, but as always, you will have to pay a fee if you didn't purchase that, or if you decided to skip Curse of Osiris DLC.

Bungie provides a few hints as to what they can expect beyond Warmind. First, the Warmind crucible maps will be available for matchmaking whether or not you have the DLC. Competitive multiplayer will now be as fragmented as before. In the summer, you can also expect some tweaks to come, including bounties, new seasonal event and PC clan chat.

When September rolls around, you will finally see the return of random weapon rolls, gear collections and records. Additionally, Bungie has promised of “more,” though at this time there aren't details as to what this is, or if the developer will deliver a large Taken King-style DLC.

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