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Meet Samsung Odyssey Z, the company’s latest gaming laptop with a 6-core processor

Features a very interesting cooling system.

If you’re on the market for a gaming laptop, we’ve got some news to share with you. Meet the Samsung Odyssey Z, the company’s latest gaming laptop offering. Not only does the laptop feature an interesting design, but also has a lot to offer under the hood.

When you open the laptop, you’ll notice that the keyboard has been pushed to the lower portion of the tray, and in between the 1080p display and keyboard, you’ll notice the Z AeroFlow Cooling System. Here’s what the company says about it:

The custom designed Dynamic Spread Vapor Chamber is an intelligently made airflow, which covers both GPU and CPU from edge to edge for optimal heat management, so you can game at full performance with peace of mind.

The Vapor Chamber is aided by Z AeroFlow Cooling Design, to efficiently push the cold air to the hottest parts of the device above and below simultaneously, whilst expelling the warm air out from the vents. Two built-in Z Blade Blowers add sophistication to the Odyssey Z’s thermal architecture, ensuring a sweat free gaming session.

Sound familiar? It should because it’s similar to the vapor chamber cooling system that’s seen in PC rigs and Microsoft’s Xbox One X. Makes us question as to why the company just didn’t say that it had a vapor chamber cooling system in it. Perhaps it just wanted to put a special branding on it?

Speaking on terms of the laptop’s specifications, it features an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Max-Q GPU; up to 16GB of DDR4 RAM; an eighth-gen, 6-core Core i7 processor as well as special concave keyboard caps to keep your fingers in place. If you’re wondering what the Max-Q GPU is, it’s a low-power version of NVIDIA’s regular mobile GPUs.

Talking about the trackpad, you’ll notice from the picture above that it sits nicely trucked on the lower right side of the laptop. The Odyssey Z has a smaller trackpad than the usual ones offered. Above the trackpad, you’ll notice a quartet of short keys for capturing and recording your exploits. The laptop measures in at 14.78 x 10.03 x .71 inches and 5.3 pounds.

Pricing isn’t currently available yet for the Odyssey Z, but the laptop is set to go on sale in China and Korea this month, with a Q3 2018 release window for customers around the world. Will you be holding out for the Samsung Odyssey Z?

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