Amazon has cancelled ‘Breakaway’ video game

Amazon has cancelled ‘Breakaway’ video game

Remember the game Breakaway? Well, it appears that the game “is no longer in active development,” according to the team behind the game. The game was being developed by Double Helix and published by Amazon Game Studios. This was one of the three games that Amazon was planning to release.

Previously, the team announced that it was making changes to Breakaway‘s core gameplay. This was in response to the feedback the team was receiving after a four-month Alpha testing period. Because of that, the game was put on hiatus and no timeline for the final release.

The game apparently didn't make the progress the team had hoped, and has been put on hold. The Reddit post says:

“Since our last announcement, we have worked to implement community feedback and iterate on Breakaway's core gameplay. While we have developed many ideas and made a lot of progress, we are also setting a very high bar for ourselves. In spite of our efforts, we didn't achieve the breakthrough that made the game what we all hoped it could be. After a lot of soul searching, the team decided to focus on new ideas. As a result, Breakaway is no longer in active development.”

This doesn't mean that the game may not return in the future. In the Reddit post, the team says, “if a thunderbolt of inspiration strikes that leads us back to Breakaway, you'll be the first to know.” At this point, it's unlikely that the game could every see a full release.

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