To help curb excessive overtime, Seoul will turn off workers’ PCs

To help curb excessive overtime, Seoul will turn off workers’ PCs

Overtime is a big problem in South Korea so much so that a typical government worker puts in 1,000 more hours per year than their equivalent in other countries. This can easily affect their long-term health, so the country is doing something about it. The country will force workers' computers to shut down with a new initiative.

The country is launching a new initiative that will turn off all PCs by a set hour, which means giving little choice to those working and forcing them to engage in other activities. Starting March 30th, PCs will start shutting down at 8PM. In the second and fourth weeks of April, PCs will shut off at 7PM every Friday. Mind you, this is a blanket ban and no way around it. There could also some exemptions for special cases, but it's unlikely that many of them will be granted an exemption.

Aside from South Korea, we're previously seek France give workers the legal power to ignore their work emails without fear of repercussions. Additionally, a Japanese company even invented a drone that nags employees until they accept the fact that it's time to top working.

Hamza Khalid

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