Airbnb is making it easier to find accessible rentals

Airbnb is making it easier to find accessible rentals

Remember the startup Airbnb bought last year? Well, it appears that the company is putting the travel accessibility startup to work. Airbnb has introduced 21 filters that will help you find disability-friendly listings that match your exact needs.

You will be able to look for rants, wide hallways, roll-in shower and other features that are able to assist those who use a wheelchair or otherwise have special mobility requirements. Prior to this, the company only had a simple “wheelchair accessible” filter that wasn't the most satisfying.

This is one of the “series of steps” Airbnb is making travel more accessible, including plans to “improve and expand the filters” over time. The company is also working with groups such as the National Council on Independent Living and the California Council of the Blind.

This is good news for Airbnb for many reasons. Lyft is facing lawsuits and Uber is getting heat over the lack of accessibility options for their rides. This is a problem in the tech industry because there's a tendency to overlook the needs of those outside their own demographic.

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