Xbox One X and Xbox One S will soon be able to support AMD FreeSync displays

Xbox One X and Xbox One S will soon be able to support AMD FreeSync displays

Microsoft has said they're planning to add support for AMD's FreeSync displays for its Xbox One X and Xbox One S, and will drop to the console soon. The upcoming Xbox spring update will already include support fro 1440p on the Xbox One X and Xbox One S for monitors, but adding support for FreeSync will allow compatible displays to sync refresh rates with Microsoft's game consoles.

So, what is FreeSync? Like Nvidia's G-Sync, it helps to remove tearing and stuttering usually associated with gaming on monitors, as the tech syncs refresh rates to ensure games are running smoothly. FreeSync and G-Sync have been widely used on PC gaming systems and monitors, so adding 1440p resolution and FreeSync will bring more appeal to Xbox owners who want to use their consoles with a gaming display.

While Microsoft is adding FreeSync, the company is also planning to support auto low latency mode on TVs. This will enable compatible TVs to recognize when a game is being played and will turn on game mode, or low latency mode to optimizing the gaming experience. Microsoft demonstrated this during its Inside Xbox Stream yesterday. The mode will be able to switch back once a game is not running. This will be especially useful if you are using Netflix or other media apps on Xbox One, as game mode will be automatically switching off when you switch from gaming to apps such as those.

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