Snapchat will now let you tag your friends in Stories

Snapchat will now let you tag your friends in Stories

While we've seen Facebook-owned Instagram features from Snapchat, such as taking Stories and face filters, but this time, however, Snapchat has hit back by taking a hallmark feature from Instagram. With Snapchat, you can now add @ replies to your Snaps and make it easier to tag your friends in your posts.

You will first need to take a photo or video, then type the person's @ name over the top of the photo or video with the text tool. This may get a little tricky at first, but you'll get use to it after doing it a few times (there's no auto fill or drop-down either). One you've tagged someone, it will send that person a notification that you just mentioned them.

Furthermore, if someone clicks on the mention in your snap, they will go right to the person's profile page. The company confirmed to TechCrunch that they're currently testing the @ reply, but didn't provide any more details. The feature has not rolled out for everyone just yet. We were able to make it work with some of our phones at The Jolt Journal, but not everyone has been able to create or see the mentions. Be on the look out, though!

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