Report: Microsoft is testing Cortana in Outlook mobile

Cortana in Outlook mobile will let users have the assistant read emails to them.

According to report from The Verge, it appears that Microsoft is currently testing an integration of Cortana and Outlook mobile. Sources told The Verge that Microsoft is working on a version of Outlook for Android and iOS that would include Cortana built-in and would allow users to ask the virtual assistant to read and reply to emails for them.

With this type of integration, you could, for example, ask Cortana to read your emails to you or ask her to just ready messages from specific people on your contacts. All of this would prove to be very useful for users on the go. The Verge says that the integration is currently being tested internally.

When it comes to emails, Cortana has proven to be very useful. Last year, Microsoft introduced the feature where Cortana can scan your emails and remind you to do certain tasks. In addition, it even demonstrated a feature that would allow Cortana to sort and summarize your emails. You can also connect Cortana to your Gmail accounts.

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