HP introduces germicide-resistant computers for hospitals and doctors’ offices

HP introduces germicide-resistant computers for hospitals and doctors’ offices

HP has introduced the world to a new line of laptops, displays, and all-in-one desktops that are resistant to intense cleaning materials. These are largely aimed at people who work in hospitals and doctors' offices.

The company has introduced three new products. The first is HP's EliteOne 800 Healthcare Edition All-in-One desktop; the second is the 27-inch HP Healthcare Edition Clinical Review Display; and lastly, there's the EliteBook 840 Healthcare Edition notebook.

For the laptop, it lets you disable the keyboard and touchscreen while you're cleaning, just so nothing is input by accident. All three of the products are built to withstand deterioration from being cleaned with germicidal wipes, which helps to reduce the spread of health care-related infections.

The company not only gave attention to the exterior, but also the software too that's meant to help hospital workers. The Notebook's touchpad recognizes touch from people that wear surgical gloves. The notebook, display, and desktop also comes with RFID readers. Basically, this will let workers sign in by tapping their work badges on the touchpad. The notebook also comes with a fingerprint reader.

One of the biggest concerns is security when it comes to health care records. HP has given attention to that as well. The HP EliteBook has a physically isolated security controller, which will make it more difficult for hackers to access. In addition, it comes with a privacy screen so that others can't look at the screen from the side.

The EliteBook is expected to release in May, and the display and desktop are slated to be released in June.

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