Amazon brings free sound effect library to Alexa skill creators

Amazon brings free sound effect library to Alexa skill creators

Amazon just made it easier for Alexa skill developer to add a variety of sound effects. The company just launched a library full of built-in audio clips that developers can add to their creation. Amazon calls this “unique sounds” that developers can add, but by the time developers get around to adding them, they most likely won't be unique because all developers have access to the library.

Unless Amazon continues to add more sound effects on a regular basis, they won't be very “unique” because users will get use to hearing them over and over. Nonetheless, developers do have a wide selection to choose from. With 14 categories, they include sounds that you'd hear in cartoons to sci-fi shows, as well as animals, nature and even human sounds.

The company says that developers can choose the appropriate sounds and add them to their skills. For example, they can add the applause sound for correct answers in a trivia game. Amazon has made the library completely free for skill-makers, who can then use the sounds in conjunction with their own audio clips or just use either. If you're a developer and want to see the full collection, hear on over to Alexa's Skills Kit page.

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