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Google’s Phone app on Android will now transcribe voicemail for T-Mobile customers

T-Mobile customers get “Google-powered voicemail transcriptions.”

If you’re a fan of voicemails being transcribed and are a T-Mobile customer, you’re in luck. In the latest update for Google’s Phone app, Pixel and Nexus smartphone owners on T-Mobile (USA) will have “Google-powered voicemail transcriptions.” This is something very similar to what Google Voice customers already have and are familiar with.

Basically, when you leave someone a voicemail, Google will do its best to transcribe the message and put all of it in text right in the voicemail tab. Now, it’s not always accurate, but the transcription gives you a quick sneak peek into what the voicemail is about and whether or not it’s important or spam. Google adds that transcriptions are done by “computer programs” and “analyzed by machines.” This means that there aren’t any actual humans listening to your messages.

Google says that this feature is available exclusively for T-Mobile customers right now. This is an odd move seeing as Verizon is the official carrier partner for the Pixel devices. Right now though, T-Mobile customers can enjoy the exclusivity, and hopefully this feature expands to all of the major carriers before too long. According to Android Police, T-Mobile customers began noticing the transcriptions appearing earlier this year. Previously, Apple added voicemail transcriptions for iPhone users in iOS 10.

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