Apple Pay Cash may be nearing an international expansion

Apple Pay Cash may be nearing an international expansion

So far, only Americans have been enjoying the convenience of using Apple Pay Cash, but that may not be the case for much longer. Users in Brazil, Ireland and Spain have been reporting seeing the peer-to-peer payment service showing up in their iOS Messages app. This suggests that the service may be launching in their countries in the near future.

Apple has yet to announce anything officially, so it may be that the company is just testing this feature internationally or it's currently in the process of releasing it in those three countries, as well as possibly others.

Even though this feature could very well soon launch internationally, it's worth mentioning that Apple Pay Cash will more than likely not allow transfers between countries. Previously observed by 9to5Mac, competing services usually limit you to paying others within your home turf because the fees alone could discourage users on across-the-border payments.

Apple Pay Cash launching globally will give it another competitive edge over its competitors. While services like Venmo may be US-only, there are others like PayPal-based Send Money feature that's available in 26 countries right now. If Apple Pay Cash were to become the go-to option for iPhone and iPhone users, it needs to be more widespread than just one-country product.

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