As cord cutting continues, Sling TV boasts 2.2 million subscribers

The number are a fraction of what Dish has in total, but the main point is that business is growing.

We all know that cord-cutting gets more popular, and because of this, you’d expect more services to share their subscriber stats. Well, that hasn’t been the case, but Dish has come out with some stats for its Sling TV service. The company revealed today that it’s Sling TV service has some 2.2 million paying subscribers. That’s compared to just over 11 million satellite customers that Dish has.

When looking at the 2.2 million subscribers from Sling TV, those numbers don’t really mean much, but when you compare them to other services like AT&T’s DirecTV Now numbers, you can see Sling TV is doing quite well. Last October, AT&T reported that its DirecTV Now streaming service had 787,000 subscribers. Though it’s worth mentioning that Sling TV has been around for a year longer than DirecTV Now.

Turning attention to Dish’s business, the company managed to onboard an estimated 39,000 new subscribers in the fourth quarter, which is an increase of around 11,000 from last year. However, these gains Dish experienced weren’t enough to offset the slight decrease in annual revenue from subscribers ($14.26 billion versus $15.03 billion), or total revenue ($3.48 billion versus $3.75 billion).

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