Spotify discounts the price of Premium to $99 for a year

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If you've been debating about picking up the Spotify Premium membership, now may be the time to do it. Spotify is now offering a year's subscription of it's Premium (ad-free) service for $99. That is $20 off of what it would normally cost, and is available throughout the entire month of December, via Engadget.

If you wish up for the yearly-discounted Premium for $99, you will essentially be getting two months of service for free. This makes this deal a no-brainer whether you're up for renewal of your service or if you want to add another year to your service with Spotify.

This deal is quite good, so are there any caveats? Well, not really, no. The special is available to new or existing Premium subscribers. The only thing to keep in mind is that this does not apply to those already on a family plan. Once your 12 months are up, your plan will revert back to the current rate is you're paying at the time of signing up, so keep this in mind.

This deal is on-par to compete with Apple Music, to say the least. Apple Music added a $99 per year option earlier this year, so this new option from Spotify to give $99 per year subscription is another good option for you if you aren't interested in Apple Music.

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