Advanced Protection is a new feature from Google to protect you from targeted online attacks

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Google is generally very good about providing a secure login process for users, but it's taking things to a new level. Introducing Advanced Protection, a nifty new feature that focuses on defending you from phishing, accidental sharing, and fraudulent access. These features are especially being introduced for users like journalists and campaign staffers.

The program will use something called Security Keys, which are small USB or wireless devices required to sign in. While we have two-step verification through a few different methods, Google says that using a small USB or wireless device is the most secure version of two-step verification. They use public key cryptography and digital signatures to confirm one's identity.

These security keys aren't for everyone, though. They require you to carry them around. If you plan to take part in the Advanced Protection program, you will have to go through these extra steps. In addition, there will be extra steps during the recovery process as well.

The feature is available to anyone with a regular gmail account. If you want to take part in the feature, you definitely can, but it's mostly aimed for users like journalists, campaign individuals, and other high profile folks, to help them with better security measures.

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