iPhone 8 battery swelling issues have been reported at least seven times now

Since the iPhone 8 launched, there have been numerous reports of the phone's battery swelling. Now, at least seven reports have come in that depict some trouble for Apple's new headset. Even though it's just a few out of the millions the company sells, it's something of some concern, especially to Apple.

After last year's problems with the Galaxy Note 7, Apple doesn't want to go through the same PR nightmare that Samsung did. For now, Apple doesn't have to worry too much about anything since it's just a few iPhone 8 units.

It's currently unclear what is causing the iPhone 8 batteries to swell up. Apple has been investigating it for quite some time now. Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 debacle caused the batteries to explode while Apple's iPhone 8 unit batteries are swelling up. Rather than exploding, malfunctioning batteries should swell up, and that seems to be the case for the iPhone 8 units that are affected. The battery swells up in the iPhone 8 unit and pushes the display outwards.

iPhone 8 owners from China, Canada, Greece, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong have now reported their iPhone 8 battery incidents, according to PocketNow. Apple recently confirmed that it was investigating these cases.

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