Elon Musk and Tasla offer to help rebuild Puerto Rico’s power grid with solar

Recently hit with Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is a mess right now. Specifically speaking, the country's power grid has taken a toll. A casual comment by Tesla CEO Elon Musk has our attention.

Musk commenting on Twitter said that he's willing to help Puerto Rico rebuild its power grid using solar technology. This is treated as a serious offer by island's top elected officials, as you can see a reply from Ricardo Rossello, the Governor of Puerto Rico.

Tesla recently took over Musk's other companies, SolarCity, which handles manufacturing of residential solar roofs and energy storage units. Previously, a Twitter discussion between Musk and an Australian software entrepreneur led to plans for the world's largest lithium-ion battery facility in South Australia. The plan will cost $50 million and provide electricity to more than 30,000 homes.

Hamza Khalid

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