FCC chairman Ajit Pai will serve for four more years after Senate vote

Yesterday, Senate voted to reconfirm FCC chairman Ajit Pai to serve four more years. He will continue to be the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. Pai first gained the position after being elevated to the top post by President Trump.

Pai, a republican member has been hard at work towards deregulation. He has been making incredible efforts in the telecom industry since taking the position. More importantly speaking, he has worked to roll back net neutrality rules. This move has been widely criticized by consumer advocacy organizations.

Since his reconfirmation was in the works, a campaign ensued to try and block his return to the position. During a floor debate, Democratic senators heavily criticized Pai's agenda. Even though Democrats criticized Pai, the Republican-led Senate approved Pai's reconfirmation by a 52 to 41 vote.

The reconfirmation allows Pai to serve as the Chairman through President Trump's current term, and possibly until 2021. “I am deeply grateful to the U.S. Senate for confirming my nomination to serve a second term at the FCC and to President Trump for submitting that nomination to the Senate,” Pai said in a statement.

Hamza Khalid

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