Google may start a new certification program for third-party accessories

Google's Pixel even is right around the corner and we're getting some new juicy news coming from a report by 9to5Google. According to the report, Google could announce a new initiative: a certification program for third-party accessories. The company plans to call it “Made for Google.”

Sound familiar? Of course it does. This is the same type of initiative that Apple currently had with its MFi (Made For iPhone/iPad/iPod) program. Currently, there are no additional details about this, but 9to5Google says that the announced should be coming “soon.” It's unclear whether the announcement will be made at the event or at a later date.

Through the “Made for Google” program, it will allow third parties to obtain certification and let the company put the badge onto their box. This is similar to how products for Apple where where they were approved by Apple. In this scenario, they would be approved for Google's Pixel phones.

It's unclear what the main objective is by Google. The search engine giant doesn't have nearly as big of a hardware presence that Apple does with its iPhones and other devices. Presumably, with more certified accessories out there for Pixel phones, it may prompt consumers to give the Pixel phones a double look when making the commitment to purchase their next device.

Pixel phones may just be a start for the company. Google also offers other products such as VR headsets, speakers, and Chromebooks, all of which could also use accessories.

Hamza Khalid

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