Even Geekbench creator can’t believe how well the iPhone 8 performs

Apple's iPhone 8 is already off to a hot start when you talk about performance. The A11 Bionic chip that the company introduced in the iPhone 8 may be a marketing gimmick by name, but it's no slouch when it comes to performance. Speaking of which, Geekbench 4 scores from Primate Labs's tests tell us who truly jarring the iPhone 8 really is.

In recent years, Android and iOS performance have been arguably close, but since Apple works to have hardware work hand-in-hand with their iOS software, that leaves Android headsets in the dust. Apple's new iPhone models are running more than 50% faster than the current top of the line Android headsets.

Primate Labs founder John Poole says he can't help but wonder why we're only seeing huge performance boosts from Apple. Speaking in an interview with Tom's Guide, he says that “the thing that I don’t fully understand is why performance has seemed to stagnate on the Android side.” He adds that “where you don’t see these big leaps forward. I don’t understand what’s happening there.”

“At this point, you’ve got desktop-class performance in a handset. There’s no way of looking at it any other way,” Poole later added. “I wouldn’t have thought to use my first-generation iPhone to edit video. I would’ve thought you were crazy.”

Apple's new A11 Bionic chip is providing top-notch processing power and even though iPhone users aren't taking full advantage of the chips performance, the bigger picture here is that Apple is further increasing the performance distance from its competitors.

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