Apple Watch 3 to launch with the iPhone 8 next month

With all of the news surrounding the new iPhone 8, there's also excitement for the new Apple Watch 3. It's expected that Apple will launch the Apple Watch 3 with the iPhone 8 in next months' event, according to a new report.

CNBC says that Apple is preparing to launch the new upgraded Apple watch model with the new iPhone 8. It's expected that the new Apple Watch model will not require an iPhone to offer features such as messaging and calling.

The new version of the watch is expected to maintain same outer design of current Series 1 and 2, but will contain upgraded internal features. One of the new features said to be included is LTE integration, according to the report. The new watch will not replace the iPhone entirely, but will give it some independence from the iPhone itself.

Bloomberg previously stated that Intel will be the one to supply Apple with the LTE modems needed to add the LTE functionality. It's expected that AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon will sell the new watch.

Of course the LTE model of the watch may cost more, but there will also be Wi-Fi models, giving you choices. One of the biggest concerns around the LTE model is battery life since current watch models don't offer the best battery life. Apple will surely address this.

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