Samsung just fired shots at Apple with new Galaxy Note 8 teaser

We all know of the terrible previous situation that Samsung was in in regards to the explosion-prone Galaxy Note 7. Many folks thought that the company may not be able to recover from the fiasco and arguably became a big PR nightmare. The company managed to not only move past the controversy and keep things together, but has also posted more profitable quarters in company history.

Now that the Galaxy Note 8 is nearing launch, Samsung seems to be in full gears for the launch. Recent reports suggest that the device is gearing up for the device launch on September 15.

It seems like Samsung has not mustered the confidence to really go full-force. Earlier today, Samsung published a new teaser video that showcased a teaser for the Galaxy Note 8. In the video, the company made promises to “Do bigger things.” This most likely is a reference to the Galaxy Note 8's 6.3 Super AMOLED display.

The video also takes a few jabs at Apple it seems. The video begins with some cool music and then shows words that Android fans typically use to deride Apple, but used in a way where it boasts Samsung.

We don't want to spoil anything for you, so take a look at the video for yourself below:


Hamza Khalid

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