Comcast customer service slight improved this year

Comcast is well-known for having a terrible reputation and is one of America's most-hated brands. Notorious for many scandals, the company has slightly improved its customer service this year. According to compliant data obtained by Philadelphia Inquirer, between the dates of May 2016 and May 2017, Comcast's internet complaints feel 43 percent.

It's worth mentioning that there are far more people complaining about internet than cable this year. In the age for cord cutting, there still are those that will complain about the service anyway.

According to the FOIAd data by Philadelphia Inquirer, they state that between “November 2014 and early May, consumers lodged 61 percent more complaints about their Comcast internet services than they did for their TV services, 41,760 internet complaints compared with 25,865 TV complaints. “

The biggest complaints came from billing, unsurprisingly. The billing complains amounted to over 21,000 in total, filed with the FVV. Some reasons include service not working, lack of availability, and internet speeds.

Comcast executives were quick to jump on this good news stating that they were quite pleased with 99 percent of customers not lodging complaints this year. But here's the thing, cable complaints will continue to reduce as the age of cord cutting continues. Internet complaints may continue to go up. This doesn't really solve the situation for anyone, especially Comcast.

Hamza Khalid

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