Elon Musk states Tesla beats Apple in sales where it matters the most

Elon Musk is known to make bold claims and isn't scared of any big challenges. More often than not, he isn't blowing smoke, rather he is the type of person who will prove you wrong. Tesla is a very reputable company, but it's not even close to Apple. For example, Apple has enough cash sitting around where they can buy several companies the size of Tesla, and still have cash left over.

According to Electrek, in a interview, Musk said that “I think our sales per square foot are so high, you need a telescope to see who’s in second place. It’s like stupidly high.” In addition, Tesla’s VP of Global Sales states that “Our sales per square foot are so high, it actually moves the industry average.”

What's interesting is that Apple has dominated the “sales per square foot” for a long time. Apple's retail setup is incredibly unique that just stepping into an Apple store you are bound to leave with something in your hand. Apple sells low-volume, but high-margin products. But according to Musk, Tesla is doing this better than Apple.

It's worth noting that this really isn't a fair fight, I must admit. Apple's arena is completely different than Tesla's. Apple stores are generally large than Tesla stores, which are generally smaller. There are also five times fewer Tesla store than there are Apple stores.

If Musk is doing comparisons, we should do a legitimate comparison which would be comparing Tesla stores to actual auto dealerships. Then we can see where Tesla stands.

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Hamza Khalid

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