Android based iPhone 5c knockoff appears, called ioPhone

ioPhone-image-0019:00 PM – Well this shouldn't be too surprising, another iPhone knockoff appearing in the Asian market.  This time, the victim is the iPhone 5c.  Called the ioPhone, this Android-based phone has identical shell to the iPhone 5c, however the internals are less than impressive.

The iPhone 5c knockoff phone is made by Iosys, a Japanese manufacturing company.  Reported by CNET (via Ascii.jp), the knockoff phone runs on Android 4.2, and sports a less than impressive screen with 254ppi, with resolution of 480-by-854.  Even worse, the phone runs an ancient 2-megapixel camera.  It looks like ioPhone customers won't be taking a lot of pictures.  For processing power, it runs a dual-core Mediatek chip with 512MB of RAM.  Storage wise, it has 4GB of built-in flash storage.

On the other hand, the iPhone 5c runs Apple-designed dual-core A6 chip and 1 GB of RAM.  For picture taking, it comes with an 8-megapixel iSight camera.  The screen is impressive on the iPhone 5c, boasting 640-by-1,136 pixel resolution Retina display.  Storage options start at 16 GB and go up to 32 GB.

The headset is set to go on sale tomorrow.  Below you'll find a commercial for it, which I think you'll find interesting…

Hamza Khalid

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