AT&T now offering LTE roaming in Canada through Rogers

rogers-att10:45 AM – While AT&T continues to expand its LTE reach in the United States, the company is now looking to offer LTE roaming services internationally.  AT&T announced in a press release that it has become the first carrier to offer LTE roaming internationally.

AT&T has partnered up with Rogers Communications in Canada to make this possible.  Rogers has covered up about 70 percent of Canadian population from coast to coast and is planning to expand coverage to 95 new markets by the end of this year.  Major cities like Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Toronto are also covered of course, which is a great relief for travelers.

Now customers who travel internationally can now go worry-free and now have to give up with 4G network.  Rogers is now making continuous LTE network availability possible.

There is of course a downside to this.  Roaming doesn't come cheap, and knowing how expensive AT&T already is, the plans won't be cheap, at all.  Take a look for yourself.

The company has introduced three data plans for travelers going to Canada.  The first plan is $30 per month, which includes 120MB of data,  Second plan is $60 per month with $300MB of data.  The third and also the priciest 800MB will set you back a whopping $120 per month for just 800 MB data.

Expensive, don't you think?  Will you be using roaming on Rogers if you go to Canada?

Hamza Khalid

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