Get the HTC One for $0 down and 0% interest financing directly from HTC

HTC_One_360_Wide8:00 AM – If you're in the market to purchase a HTC One headset, then you may want to look at HTC's website.  The company has just released a new program which allows qualifying customers to purchase a unlocked HTC One headset with $0 down and 0% interest financing.

This is along the lines of what Motorola started doing not too long ago.  In this plan from HTC, you would be agreeing to make 24 monthly payments for the HTC One headset, and if you complete the full $600 price of the phone at or before the two year mark, you pay no interest.

Now if you don't make the payment with in the two year period, you will be paying interest at the rate of 29.99%.  This is where usually companies make their profit, through interest.  Interest is nice for companies, however where HTC currently stands, they are more than likely just looking to get the One headsets into customers' hands.

This deal currently only applies to the 32 GB, AT&T and T-Mobile compatible models. The company may look to expand in the future, but currently, that's where it stands for right now.

Head over to HTC's website to apply and obtain your HTC One headset.

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