Even Google’s $500 million marketing budget can’t make the Moto X popular

moto-x-69:00 AM – The Moto X was released earlier this year with a big $500 million marketing budget given from Google.  While the phone has gained mainstream attention, it has yet to make a dent in the market share world.

According to a new report from comScore, latest numbers show that Motorola’s smartphone market share in America notched up only slightly from 6.9% in July 2013 to 7% in October 2013.  Google has poured $500 million into marketing the smartphone and getting appeal, but it has only gotten so much in return.  This has to be devastating and disappointing to Google.

Samsung currently owns the Android market share with the second place really far behind.  Then again, things could be a lot worse for Motorola.  While the $500 million has not gotten Google what it wanted, but at least it has made a small stand in the market.  Take BlackBerry or HTC for example, where these two companies have suffered nothing but losses in the recent years.  HTC's American market share fell from 8% in July 2013 to 6.7% in October 2013.  BlackBerry has suffered the same fate, going from 4.3% in July 2013 to 3.6% in October 2013.

The clear winners in comScore's report are Samsung and Apple.  Both companies hold majority of the American smartphone market share.  Samsung saw an increase from 24.1% in July to 25.4% in October.  Apple in the other hand saw a slight increase from 40.4% in July 2013 to 40.6% in October 2013.

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Hamza Khalid

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