Google Glass may be coming to Best Buy next year

gg3It looks like Google Glass may be coming to your Best Buy retail store next year.  According to the Google+ account of Glass enthusiast Robert Scoble, he says that he has been hearing rumors of Google purchasing 6,000 square feet inside Best Buy to sell Google Glass, in a dedicated panel.

This doesn't really come as a surprise seeing as other companies such as Apple, Samsung, and now Microsoft have purchased plenty of dedicated space inside Best Buy stores to sell their products.  Apple, was one of the first few companies to host a dedicated panel inside Best Buy, then followed by Samsung, and then Microsoft followed the same route.

Google is planning to showcase their Glass product to customers, to show them how it works, amongst other things.  This would provide Google a good boost in sales and product advertising seeing as Best Buy is one of the hottest spots for customers to buy electronics at.

Google earlier this week confirmed that it will not start shipping Google Glass to consumers until at least 2014.  So this rumor may align perfectly with what Google has previously told everyone.

Anyways, who's excited?

Hamza Khalid

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