Beats looking to move past HTC now


With HTC continuing to suffer as they lose market share, the popular company Beats Electronics, who has been partnering up with HTC to bring you Beats Audio in HTC devices, is now looking to move on from the smartphone vendor, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal.  HTC has a 25% stake in Beats, so the company is looking at an investor to see if they can buy out HTC's stake in the company.

Beats Electronics is slowly moving into other categories such as music streaming, and other electronics.  The company is not happy with HTC's performance in the smartphone market.  The HTC One that the smartphone vendor hoped to be the savior did not perform so well in the vicious market.  Currently ran by the duopoly between Samsung and Apple, HTC continues to lose market share.

Beats Electronics hopes to buyout the 25% stake with in the next few weeks.  What are your thoughts?

Hamza Khalid

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