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Best Buy offering another trade-in program for your iPhone


For a while now, we have been seeing Best Buy offering deals to trade-in your devices for new purchases.  Now, the electronics giant is at it again with another trade-in offer for everyone.

Best Buy is offering a minimum of $200 for your iPhone 4S and $100 for your iPhone 4 when you trade-in and purchase a new iPhone 5.  Of course, as always, there is a catch.  When you trade your device(s) in, you must pick an iPhone 5 with a 2-year contract with AT&T, Verizon Wireless or Sprint.  You can get the 16GB entry level iPhone 5 for $0 if you get a minimum of $200 for your iPhone 4S.

There are restrictions, however.  Water-damaged iPhones, cracked screens devices, no-contract iPhone models and T-Mobile iPhones are not eligible for this promotion.  This promotion is not just limited to trading in your iPhones.  If you have any other device, such as a Windows Phone or an Android device, you can trade those in and use the credits towards a new iPhone 5 purchase as well.

iPhone 5S/5C is rumored to be unveiled at September 10 event.  So maybe you should think twice before taking advantage of this offer.


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