New iPhone 5S leaked photos show redesigned home button


Numerous leaks over the past few months have pointed us to believe that Apple is bringing fingerprint sensor technology to the iPhone 5S.  With the iPhone 5S announcement right around the corner to be held on September 4, more leaks are starting to come out.  In this new leak provided by French blog Nowhereelse.fr, who has a good track record of Apple leaks, show the back shell of the iPhone 5S, we can see several different things from the numerous photos.

As you can see from the photos, the metal spacer cushion are different between the iPhone 5 and the 5S.  The iPhone 5S has a different left side, and with the circular shape being retained, Apple has successfully made room for the fingerprint sensor to be inserted into the design.  We already know that Apple will be moving away from its concave style home button and move to a convex style home button to account for the fingerprint sensor in the smartphone.

Apple's $356 million purchase of AuthenTec may finally be getting featured in the new iPhone.  Before, we did not really see any physical evidence of the fingerprint sensor being included.  The only evidence before was the source code found in iOS 7 beta about a fingerprint sensor.

It seems that while the outer shell of the iPhone has not changed, the internals have been changed.  Recently, we reported that Apple has changed the way it includes the camera and the LED flash.  In the iPhone 5, the LED flash and the camera module share the same wiring, however, in the iPhone 5S, both the camera and the supposed dual-LED flash have dedicated lines.  Apple is also rumored to insert a larger battery to account for the extra features being brought to the iPhone 5S.

Are you excited about the iPhone 5S?

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