Google search to get a lot more interesting with a personal touch


Google, the internet search giant is about to make your life easier when you initiate search.  The company on Wednesday announced that they will be integrating data from Gmail, Google+ and Google Calender into their search feature.  The reason why the company is doing this is to make peoples lives much more convenient.

So how does this work exactly?  Say you have a flight in two days and you have it in your Google Calender, you can go to Google search and put in a command like ‘when is my flight', or something along those lines.  The result will be you getting information pulled from your Google Calender and being displayed to you in search.

A lot of users are concerned about privacy, and it's a legitimate question.  Anyone can go onto your computer and if you have everything synced and you are logged in, then you might be in trouble if the wrong person gets a hold of it.  We'll leave it to Google and see how they handle these types of concerns from users.

Google has stated that they will “be rolling this out to all U.S., English-speaking users on desktop, tablet and smartphone, with voice search” over the next few days.  It will be interesting to see how everything comes together and how many complaints the company will get from its users.

Hamza Khalid

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