If you’re looking to order Moto X with Verizon, signup has gone live


Motorola's flagship Moto X smartphone signup page is now available for Verizon customers.  If you are looking to order the device, you pay want to signup on the Verizon Moto X page.  You can signup on the list to get information sent directly to your email as to when the device will be released, and  when the device will be available for ordering.

One thing that Motorola mentioned in their release event was the limiting use of carrier branding.  On most phone, you will see branding on the back and the front, in bold letter that makes it clear to you which carrier the phone belongs to.  If you look at the picture above, you will notice that there is no Verizon branding on the front, but there is branding on the back.  The Verizon logo, however is showing lower opacity.  The logo is not as clear as it normally is on other phones, and it's also quite small too.

For once, we are seeing limited branding of carriers on phones.  Apple is the only company that does not allow any sort of carrier branding on the iPhone.  It's good to see other companies starting to step up to limit branding.

Hamza Khalid

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