Apple to announce iPhone 5S on September 10 event


Apple Introduces iPhone 5It's almost show time folks!  A new report published by AllThingsD, who has a very good track record, states that the iPhone 5S will be unveiled by Apple on September 10 event.  Invitations for the event are yet to be sent out by the Cupertino giant, however, it's still exactly one month away.  AllThingsD states that according to their sources, Apple is very likely to host an event on this particular date.

Here is what Ina Fried of AllThingsD had to say:

“Apple is expected to unveil its next iPhone at a special event on Sept. 10, sources told AllThingsD. The launch comes at an important time for Apple, which continues to make a lot of money from the iPhone but has seen its global market share dip amid a growing wave of lower-cost Android devices as well as an intense battle with archrival Samsung.”

It is worth noting that last years event for the iPhone 5 and other products was held in early September as well.  Apple is rumored to also introduce several other products at the event, such as a new iPad Mini with retina display, as well as a fully-redesigned iPad 5.

As for the iPhone 5S, previous speculation suggests that this ‘S' upgrade will be the biggest one yet.  The new 5S will host several new upgrade, one of the biggest being a fingerprint sensor to enhance security in the device.  Other upgrades include an upgraded processor, better graphics processor, possibly more RAM (2GB?), better camera with dual-LED flash.

The other product that Apple might also unveil is the budget iPhone.  With the iPhone losing market share in important markets around the globe, especially in China, Apple is looking to introduce a more affordable iPhone, possibly at the off-contract price of $300-$400.

What do you think about all of this?

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