HTC One in color blue revealed in new leak


The struggling HTC seems to be experimenting with different options for their flagship smartphone.  In a new recent leak by @evleaks, HTC One seems to be in the color blue.  HTC One is currently only being offered in two colors: white and black.  While black and white phones have been the trend for many years now, companies are now starting to offer phones and other products in different colors.

Earlier, Morotola announced that the Moto X will be offered in a wide range of colors and color combinations.  HTC seems to now be catching onto the trend and this new leak suggests that the company might be offering different color variations of the smartphone.  While we have only seen one color, it would not be surprising if HTC were to offer more colors to attract a wide range of customers.  After all, don't we want to have a smartphone with our favorite color on it?

Another possibility is that this new HTC One ‘Blue' might be an exclusive phone to a certain carrier.  PhoneArena recently reported that the HTC One ‘Blue' will be exclusively coming to Verizon after being confirmed internally at Verizon.

What do you think about the HTC One Blue?  Thoughts on it being exclusive on Big Red?

Hamza Khalid

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