FileMaker, an Apple subsidiary lays off 20 employees


FileMaker, an Apple subsidiary company has reportedly laid off 20 of its staff members.  The lay offs are a part of a new plan that the company is initiating to reconstruct its focus on more of its successful enterprise solutions.  While sales are said to be slow, in order for the company to stay profitable, major restructuring is in order.

Earlier, FileMaker (formerly Claris) announced that it is going to axe its popular Mac database program ‘Bento‘.

Here is what AppleInsider had to say on this:

“People familiar with the situation told AppleInsider that FileMaker let go of approximately 20 employees Thursday night, including some company veterans with over 13 years of experience, in a bid to remain profitable amid slumping sales…

Sources say Thursday’s rumored job cuts are closely related to Bento’s demise, adding California-based external representatives, sales engineers, and technical support staff were let go. The layoffs may extend further, however, as at least one person responsible for sales of the flagship FileMaker software is said to no longer be with the company.”

The company has announced that it will pull the app from the Mac App Store after September 30, so you have until then to get it.  Those that already have the app can rest assured (for now) because the company will continue to provide support until July 30, 2014.

The price of the FileMaker Pro 12 is set at $299 for new customers, and $179 for upgrading customers.  The company does offer a higher, more advanced version of the software called “FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced”, which is $499 for new customers and $299 for upgrading customers.

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